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Intention jewellery to inspire positivity & create calm.

hey, I’m Charlotte, jewellery maker, founder of Plain Toast, mother, daughter, wife.

The modern, fast paced world we live in means for a lot of us our days are very busy and stressful with little time to pause, connect with our inner beauty, reflect on our actions, embrace our loved ones or just be still. I was definitely living in a chaotic whirlwind, and after the birth of my son was struggling with the demands the modern world was having on me. To counteract this I started creating beaded jewellery as a way to calm my mind and focus my thoughts on just one task. It’s a therapy in itself. From here I discovered the powerful affects semi-precious stones have on the mind and body, the use of essential oils to aid meditation, and that using the beads as a tool to help count through my meditation practice was therapeutic and calming.

I founded Plain Toast with the key purpose of ‘inspiring positivity and creating calm’. All the jewellery I make is made with love, with care, with pride and with intention. I design them with purpose, to empower you, the wearer, to remind you to pause for a moment, count the beads and be quiet with your thoughts, or when you get a gentle aroma from the diffuser beads to allow them to envelop your senses and be still for a moment.

I use semi-precious stones, sandalwood, silkwood and lava stone beads to create my jewellery. Every piece is handmade and gently infused with Reiki by my good friend and Reiki practitioner Clarissa, from Callisto Holistic Therapies. The Reiki brings positive energy, to help balance the mind and body.

I can create custom pieces to your own specific requirements and all bracelets can be made in different sizes to suit you. Contact me for more details at

Peace, happiness, laughter and joy x

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