How to make Mondays better. Simple, wholesome habits to make Monday a day to relish.


The weekend is over. Which means only one thing; tomorrow is Monday. If only there were simple ways, to make Mondays better for us all.

I used to dread Mondays; an early start, a long commute, a longer day fighting emails, making lists, making more lists, another long commute, home to cook food, relax for an hour and then bed. To start all over again on Tuesday. I seemed to rush through Monday as quickly as I could. But why wish away a whole day every week?

I knew that some people thrived on Mondays, and I wanted to be one of those people. I knew it was only me making Mondays seem so glum. Even while on maternity leave I seem to dislike Mondays and I don’t even have a workplace to go to, I do have one less pair of hands to help with Indy, so I think that must have something to do with it! But ultimately, I think it’s purely because it is Monday and it seems like it’s ingrained in us to not enjoy, and sometimes even dread, the day.


I changed my mindset, as simple as that. I decided that Mondays would be good days, days to look forward to. First thing I decided was to make sure I didn’t have too much planned, but equally make sure I was productive. I wanted it to become a day that I could set some intentions for the week ahead, but also a day to be present, and just enjoy and embrace some of the more mundane tasks. It only took a few small habits to change and a few new habits to introduce and suddenly Mondays don't seem so bad. 



Every Sunday evening or Monday morning I now make our bed with fresh linen. When the weather allows, I always try and let the sheets dry outside so I can enjoy the aroma of the outdoors as I sink into the bed. Crisp, fresh linen is like falling asleep in a cloud to me - perfect for a Monday.


I get outside everyday anyway as I have to walk our dog, Winston, but sometimes I don’t make it out until past 2pm! On a Monday I try my very best to get out either first thing for a run, or if that doesn’t happen, then to walk just after breakfast. The fresh air gets your endorphins working and gives you that high feeling for the rest of the day.


I don't use Mondays as a day to be virtuous, not that I'm ever completely bad with eating as I love vegetables too much, but Monday is now my day to eat what I feel like eating. At the moment I am loving muffins and have really enjoyed making The Minimalist Baker’s One Bowl Berry Coconut Muffins. Delicious!


I’ve recently started not wearing make-up on days that I’m not doing much. I used to put on make-up every single day out of habit, but now, I’ve recently realised, it feels so good to have fresh, clear skin all day. Especially on a Monday - if you haven’t got an important meeting or an occasion where some make-up feels nice, then try a day without it. On my no make-up days I just put a bit of Balm Balm’s Beauty Balm on and let the organic ingredients do their magic.


OK so I’d like to say I do #yogaeverydamnday, but I don’t. I can’t always squeeze it in, I know it only needs 20 minutes or so but still, sometimes the day vanishes. On a Monday, however, I’ve carved out specific time for this. I only practise for about 20 minutes but even that does wonders for your mind, body and spirit. It just awakens the senses and gets you ready to tackle anything the day throws at you.


I usually do this while I'm doing some Yoga as I find it easier to concentrate. Setting intentions for me is about focussing my mind and body that week and achieving something. They can sometimes be really simple things like, don't check social media for a whole day, and other times they are more specific, like ensuring I write three blog posts that week. What works best for me, is to have one intention that is focussed on myself and my health like; practice yoga 5 times this week, have a bath or read my book during the day, and the other two intentions can be anything that needs doing or I want to achieve. 


What are the simple, wholesome habits and rituals you love doing? Could you move these to a Monday to make that day feel more special? The little changes I’ve made to my Mondays have made my mind feel more at ease. The day feels structured, but relaxed and enables me time to enjoy me time, around work and being a Mum.