The simple rule of 30: how to easily reduce your shopping footprint with one question.


I was recently reading a blog post by Australian blogger Ethically Kate via The Green Hub about ethical shopping and it got me thinking about how we can better resist temptation, and reduce what we have just by realising what it is we actually need and being present and mindful when we shop. I feel the phrase 'I need' is often misused, when in actual fact what we should be saying is 'I would like'. 

When it comes to shopping, it's easy to find ourselves thrown into a whirlwind of 'I needs' because that is exactly what all the marketers, advertisers and sales assistants want us to feel. In our society it has become the norm for people to consume an abundance of stuff, but it doesn't need to be that way, we can all take a step back, have a breath and ask ourselves a few questions before we purchase anything.



The key to reducing your shopping footprint is to be more mindful about what you are actually buying and how it will enhance your lifestyle. I discovered that halving the size of my wardrobe helped me in so many ways -  I became happier, less stressed, I had more time and it freed my mind of the literal clutter and hidden clutter that was clouding it. In order to live a life with less, you have to commit to consuming less and always think before you buy anything. Ask yourself, do I NEED this, then ask yourself again do I really need this? After that ask yourself another question... Will I get at least 30 uses out of this item? Be honest. 



If you shop with this frame of mind, you'll start to realise that by in large we do not really need much at all. Being more conscious of our consumption rate will not only help the planet, but will make us all more mindful, content people in the process, as we realise it is not the stuff that makes us happy but more, the space we have around us. And when we do buy something, we will savour it, wear it many times, dance around in it, and sometimes even just look at it. It's OK to love what you buy, and that's the point. Everything we buy should be loved, worn and cherished.