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What is Hypnobirthing?

Have a positive, calm and confident birth. Learn about the benefits for you, baby and birth partner.

Mindful Hypnobirthing is a way of thinking, an attitude, a philosophy. It is also a physical and mental preparation for birth. It combines hypnosis techniques and mindfulness practice to eliminate fear about birth and instead replace it with positivity, knowledge and empowerment.

Using self-hypnosis and mindfulness techniques together will encourage your body to respond well during labour enabling you to create confident, calm and positive thoughts about the birth, and allowing your body to relax and do what it is designed to do.

Mindful Hypnobirthing differs from basic relaxation techniques as it helps change your responses to birth at an unconscious level.

Hypnosis and mindfulness are the perfect combination for a positive birth experience. Your hypnosis preparation will help you process unconscious fears about birth, allowing your body to relax and release endorphins, it’s own natural painkillers. Your mindfulness practice will help you be present in each moment during labour, fully connected to the rhythm of your body and your baby, surrendering to the process of birth and trusting your natural ability.

Mums who have used this [Mindful Hypnobirthing] technique always comment on how they looked forward to the birth of their baby, feeling calmly excited rather than apprehensive or anxious.
— Sophie Fletcher, author Mindful Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Benefits for Mother, Birth Partner and Baby 

Hypnobirthing benefits for Mother & Baby

  • You will feel calm, confident and positive about your birth

  • You will address and release any fear you may have of birthing and parenting

  • You will learn to stay in your birthing zone and in control of your own responses

  • You will be able to make your environment instinctively comfortable, wherever you birth

  • You will feel calmer after birth and into the 4th trimester

  • Baby will feel calm entering the world in calm, positive environment

Hypnobirthing benefits for Birth Partner

  • They will understand just how important their role

  • They will feel fully prepared and excited for the birth of your baby

  • They will learn how to be the emotional and physical support for you

  • They will learn relaxation and hypnosis techniques to keep you calm and focussed

  • They will understand what practical, protective and mindful role you will play during birth 

Group & Private Hypnobirthing Classes

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Group Classes

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When: Sunday February 24th 2019

Where: The Wellness Barn, Margaretting, Chelmsford.

Price: £200 per couple (reserve your space with a £35 deposit)

Booking link will take you to the MindfulMamma® booking page.

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When: Sunday March 24th 2019

Where: The Wellness Barn, Margaretting, Chelmsford.

Price: £200 per couple (reserve your space with a £35 deposit)

Booking link will take you to the MindfulMamma® booking page.

Private Classes

private hypnobirthing classes

Private classes are a wonderful way to fully immerse yourself and your birth partner into the teaching. I will be able to tailor the class and techniques specifically to you and your own needs and preferences. Private classes can take place in your own home or in my home, whatever you’d prefer. The class can be run as a whole day, or can be split into shorter sessions if that suits you better.

Prices for private sessions start at £280 per couple. Click the button below to contact me for more information.

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